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Bobcats Playing: Trail Camera Videos — 8 Comments

  1. Fantastic post! Last year with Keeping Track, S. Morse took us to the too of a steep Rick face and there, on a patch of moss was a fresh bobcat scrape and scat.

    • Oh, wow, that is really interesting Anne Marie! So fascinating that they’re attracted to these soft spots. Just like house cats! I wonder if Sue has tried putting a camera there. I know she started using trail cams recently.

  2. Great post Janet. I definitely have some places on a couple of our conservation restriction properties where’ bobcats are always hanging out in the same spots. Your location reminds me of a good bobcat spot Bob Moore and I found a couple of years ago at the Quabbin

    • Thanks, Sally. I love to hear about the habitat and site characteristics of those places you know of where bobcats hang out.

  3. Janet,
    I love your new site! That’s awesome you caught bobcats playing on film!
    It cheers my day to see another email from you regarding a new post! It is always a nice break in the monotony of the usual flood of emails. It seems like you really enjoy what you do, which is inspiring.

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