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Moose’s Summer Diet — 4 Comments

  1. Very nice photo – and moose – assortment, Janet, as well as fascinating info on diet and sodium needs. I was happy to see that your camera placement efforts paid off.

  2. Imagine – trying to “put on” weight eating leafy greens. Just goes to show the insane imbalance between human animals and our wild cousins. And yet, we want more. 🙁

    On a positive note, I’m enjoying your videos. Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, it is amazing that such a large animal can make a living on greens and I, too, worry deeply about destroying wildlife habitat. Well, that is the reason for this blog, in a nutshell — to get people interested in wild animals so they will want to be sure we humans provide for them. I’m glad you’re enjoying my videos!

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