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White-tailed Deer Scrape Action – Video — 12 Comments

    • Thanks, Pat! I agree, the moose eye in the camera was a highlight. She looked pretty darn proud of what she had accomplished there, thwarting the deer.

  1. Thank you Janet – that was excellent footage! Really interesting to see both does and bucks scenting that scrape and hemlock bough. Two winters ago I came upon several moose beds in an upland forest. It looked like a pod of 4 moose had been staying in this one area for a couple of days before moving on. I spent quite a bit of time studying what they had been eating there and it turned out that in addition to striped maple twigs and buds, they were eating the terminal branches of hemlock! I too was surprised by this.

    • So interesting about the hemlock. Thanks for sharing your observations. I recently had a discussion with a bunch of tracking friends about whether moose eat hemlock. Most thought no, a few thought yes. And while the moose in the video ate that hemlock branch, I wonder if all the deer scent on it was part of the appeal. So they can eat it but I still wonder if it’s ever a significant portion of their diet.

  2. Very interesting. I would actually be quite happy to watch the much longer clips to see all the activity (especially since I have nowhere good to wildlife-watch around here, so I have to do it vicariously!)

    • Camille, I enjoy watching the full length clips myself, but I try to keep the videos short, because I’m afraid people won’t watch them if they’re too long. It would actually be easier for me to do less editing, so maybe I’ll make a longer one for a future topic, and see what happens. Thanks for the feedback!

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