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Woodchuck Scent Marking: Video — 4 Comments

  1. You could try to assign teeth or claw damage to the back side of the sapling by comparing the tool marks on the two sides. I imagine that teeth and claws would make different-looking cuts.

    Keep recording. Perhaps something other than the male did the back-side vandalism.

    • I think they do look different. What struck me is that most of the marks on the backside were single and more superficial than the gnaw marks on the front. However, the marks on the upper portion of the backside are deeper and paired. I think those upper marks were made by the paired incisors, while the single cuts lower down were made by claws. It’s hard for me to imagine the single marks made by incisors, but I’ve still got the camera in place, so maybe future videos will make all this clearer.

    • I’ll be honest, Pat, Whistlepig was a new term for me, too. I don’t think too many people here in New England use that term for woodchuck.

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